Q. What if I have a medical emergency?
A. Village PCP does not offer emergency services. Please contact 911 or go to the nearest emergency department should you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency.

Q. Will you have the same provider?
A. A Provider will be assigned to your Care Team upon establishing care. We understand the Provider and Patient relationship is one of trust and familiarization. Therefore, we strive to keep your assigned Provider the same. Although support members of your Care Team may change based on the service being rendered, you can expect to see the same Primary Care Provider for scheduled routine visits. A covering Provider may be offered for urgent or acute appointments or if a Provider is out-of-office during a scheduled routine appointment. In the event of an extenuating circumstance that results in a change of provider, a member of our team will notify you and provide additional information at that time.

Q. What if my insurance changes?
A. Please inform the Billing Department of any changes to your insurance coverage prior to your scheduled visit. Valid insurance information must be provided at the time of service. We reserve the right to raise our fee-for-service rates.

Q. How do I pay my insurance co-pay?
A. For your security and privacy, we do not allow any member of the mobile Care Team to collect or handle money. Billing questions or payments can be made by contacting our billing department, visiting our payment portal via our website, or sent by mail. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q. How much do VPCP services cost?
A. Services from VPCP are generally provided at no additional cost or co-pay for Medicare Advantage members. For patients with a commercial health plan, a co-pay similar to a doctor's visit will apply. A Provider may make a referral, coordinate an order or service that are offered by a partnering healthcare agency, which may incur added cost. Cost shares will be shared in accordance with your Evidence of Coverage.

Q. How many people can I expect to be present during my appointment?
A. Care Teams can comprise of anywhere from one to five Team Members. Most Care Teams consist of a two-person team for safety and efficiency purposes.

Q. Can I be seen in a facility even if my facility is not a current partner of the Village?
A. Village PCP can assist residents in a variety of facilities. Please contact our Intake Team for more information.

Q. What if I need to go to the hospital?
A. Village PCP is an independent provider. Therefore, we are not associated with any specific Healthcare System. With that being said, you can seek specialist, urgent, or emergency care from the healthcare system of your choosing. Please contact our office to notify your Care Team of any hospital visits. A member of our team will see you within 7-14 days for a follow-up.

Q. Can I have two Primary Care Providers?
A. Village PCP highly discourages dual PCP's. This may result in financial responsibility for the patient for duplication of services.

Q. What if I need home health?
A. Please speak to your Provider to discuss how Home Health services may benefit you at your next scheduled appointment. If you need immediate assistance, please call our scheduling department to request a sooner appointment.

Q. What if I am on Hospice services?
A. Please contact our Billing Department for more information. Village PCP is able to prescribe in-home Hospice Services as appropriate and work in collaboration with the Hospice Team to provide comprehensive healthcare.

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