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About Us

Our Health Mission

Village Primary Care Providers is based on the old mantra "it takes a village". To us, that means helping ALL of the members of our village and their families to meet their healthcare needs. Healthier families promote healthier communities and healthy communities grow healthier children. The success of the Village is dependent on the success of the next generation. We want to create a "Village" that is prepared to contribute and pass on the healthcare tools and knowledge to promote a better future for all of us! We want to help YOU to reach your health goals and invite you to become a part of a Village that wants a better future for ourselves and our community.

Your primary care team will give you the time, attention, dignity, and compassion that you deserve and work with you to develop a personalized care plan - no Big Box Healthcare to determine our schedules or length of appointments. We offer in-home and same day visits. We Also Offer Long Hauler/COVID-19 After Care & IV Infusions.

Our goals are to offer this level of care to everyone in our community, close the healthcare access gaps, and reach those who need us the most. Health care in Waukesha walk in visit in Waukesha Village Primary Care Providers LLC in Waukesha

Experience and Professionalism

Our providers have been providing healthcare to community members in this area for an average of 40 years.

Our providers are passionate about working with the patient and their family to reach the best possible outcomes and health states for each individual and their loved-ones. They do this by developing a trusting and valued relationship with each patient and take a vested interest in helping each client reach their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual goals.

Providers Who Care

Our providers will give you personal attention, take the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions, and collaborate with you to work toward improving the health of you, your family, and your community. We will build a partnership with you and help you overcome obstacles by offering you realistic options for your personal situation.

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Meet our Team

Learn Who We Are

  • JoAnn Browne, APNP
    Nurse Practitioner/Owner

    JoAnn has been a nurse practitioner since 2012 with a history of critical care, emergency room, and pediatric nursing for nearly 20 years prior. She started her medical career as a combat medic in the USAF and then returned home to work her way through nursing school as an EMT/Medical assistant. She spent most of her time in critical and emergency room settings to be exposed to a wide variety of ages, health conditions, and people. While raising a family of 9 children with her husband and working in Interventional Radiology she taught future nurses at Carroll University. Although she loved the challenge, she realized what was missing - “I didn’t feel like I was really making a difference. I wanted to know that the people I met were actually getting the care they needed after they left me.” She found a need for primary care outside the office and a need for a provider who is prepared to care for the entire person, to include mind-body-spirit, and could not do this in a corporate healthcare setting. “I decided to open my own practice so that I could provide care as I see fit for the people who want a different type of healthcare provider and for those who have difficulty accessing one because of their limitations”. 

    She started Village Primary Care Providers in 2018 and hasn’t turned back. At the onset of the pandemic, JoAnn prepared herself and her team to continue to provide care to her patients and anyone else who needed it. “It just didn’t make sense to refuse to see sick people. Isn’t that why we are here?” She never closed her doors and went to people’s homes, cars, and facilities or performed telehealth visits when they needed care and were quarantined. She is proud to be a leader in COVID 19 out-patient care in our area and continues to remain up to date to lead the Village back to a healthier state by treating the ill, managing symptoms, and caring for the whole person.

    JoAnn’s personal joys are spending time with any or all of her kids and their new families and activities, traveling with her best friend/husband, singing, spending time outdoors in the warm weather, and hanging out with her dogs, Norman and Jojo. JoAnn’s passion is to help everyone get the healthcare experience that they deserve and motivate them to achieve improved health and a sense of wellness in order to build a stronger and healthier community.

  • Mikayla R.
    Paramedic | Patient Liaison

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  • Cassy Z.
    Medical Assistant

    Cassandra is a Medical Assistant at Village Primary Care Providers. Cassandra has been nationally certified as a Medical Assistant since 2012 and she has been working in the medical field since 2011.

    Cassandra takes pleasure in reading books and enjoying her time with her family as she had a baby girl in 2020. Cassandra also enjoys going on vacations to warmer locations. Her favorite place to visit is LA where her young sister and nephew reside.

  • Jada H.
    Medical Assistant

    Coming Soon!

  • Bailey M.
    Patient Care Coordinator

    Coming Soon!

  • Jessica Johnson
    Director of Operations

    With over 7 years of experience, Jessica Johnson is a seasoned office manager. Mrs. Johnson's career is categorized by both professional excellence and high-quality work performance.

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  • Cassy Z.
    Medical Assistant

    Cassandra is a Medical Assistant at Village Primary Care Providers.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "the care u get there is 1st rate. they care for ur physical, mental, and spiritual. I trust them b4 i will ever trust any dr ever again. If JoAnn Browne says i need a specialist then i will consider it. She has saved my life."
    Mary Anne C. (12/17/20)
  • "I’ve never had a doctor so thoroughly listen to all my symptoms and really take the time to consider all options available to me. Blown away at how awesome my first visit as a new patient was!"
    Emily M. (08/22/20)
  • "The ladies here are always super accommodating and very friendly! They always listen to any concerns I have and I never feel like a bother. I always look forward to my next appointment!😁"
    Nicole A. (08/19/20)
  • "I just love this practice and would highly recommend anyone to go there!! Dr. Browne was very thorough and took the time to address any and all concerns I had without ever making me feel rushed. I have never experienced a practice like that. What a refreshing change!!"
    Denise V. (08/19/20)
  • "This was overall a great experience! All the workers were very friendly. Sydney specifically was very helpful and was very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this place!"
    Alexander R. (08/18/20)

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